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    Changing Power Dynamics in U.P.

    May 2015

    *Evolution of Power Sector
    *Solar & Small Hydro
    *Demand drives and projected demand

    Market Entry Strategy for Energy Storage Solutions in India

    December 2014

    *Energy Storage Systems
    *Key Markets
    *The Market Entry Strategies

    Expected Power Scenario in Telangana

    December 2014

    *Market Assessment & Forecast
    *Demand Projection for Telangana

    Power Sale from Bhutan

    December 2014

    *Demand & Price projection for NR, WR & ER
    *Transmission corridor Analysis

    Growth Drivers - Indian Power Market

    January 2015

    *Review of the Power Market
    *Major Growth Drivers
    *The Visible Change

    Key Power Traders - A Comparative Review

    August 2014

    *Power Trading Review
    *Top 10 Traders
    *State-wise Dominance

    Advantage India - Market Opportunities & Trends

    October 2014

    *India is changing
    *The Opportunities
    *Expected Trends

    Generators in India - A Comparative Analysis

    July 2014

    *Power Generation in India
    *Major Generators
    *Comparative Analysis

    Corridor Congestion

    January 2013

    *Transmission Planning - Issues & Challenges
    *Case Study on Congestion in W3


    A Comprehensive Review of Power Market

    April 2013

    *Changing Paradigm Of Power Market
    *Generation & Transmission Capacity Addition


    Power Market Review

    January 2013

    *Power Supply Position
    *State Demand Supply Scenario
    *Yearly Analysis


    Power Market Review

    January 2013

    *Power Supply Position
    *State Demand Supply Scenario
    *Yearly Analysis


    State Monthly Report

    February 2012

    *Overall Power Scenario
    *Yearly Analysis
    *Discom Analysis
    *Load Forcast
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